[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important]

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[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important] In the series "Middle East and energy", members of the researcher of the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan Middle East Research Center, for the Middle East Islamic region that Japan is dependent on a lot of energy, in the region that would like to know by all means to the people of readers foundation It explains the knowledge. Depending on the Middle East Islamic region is 0 or more of the crude oil that Japan imports Middle East that it can not be said that close from Japan. Even now that direct flights began to come and go every day, it becomes a one-way about the time of the flight. Times far from a lot of tourist spots Japanese prefer Southeast Asia. But about the same time distance and still Europe and the US west coast. But, the image that have for the Middle East is vague, it is less likely to think about its importance. Now energy resources to support the Japanese economy is diverse. As crude oil suppliers Among them, the Middle East, have been accounted for overwhelm status of the other regions.

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