[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important]

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[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important] Middle East Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and the revolution continues. On a daily basis even now, not constantly terrorism and conflict of news. Why revolution and political upheaval is so occur in the Middle East. This time, the complex interdependence of otherwise country as rich countries within the Arab countries, describes an easy-to-understand teacher of Middle East expert. First, it would be of any country is a rich oil-producing countries? Somehow, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), or about Kuwait attaches imagine? In, countries that do not have oil resources? When it comes to, it is hard to answer accurately. For example, I oil can be produced even in Syria, would be consumed in the country for its amount is slight, not enough to export. Sonaruto, will be different from the [rich] oil-producing countries of the image even in oil-producing countries. Few countries, most of the population of high-income countries In order to determine whether the rich countries or not, the Development Assistance Committee: Let's use the classification of (DAC responsible for the development assistance in developing countries object at the bottom of the institutions OECD).

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