[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important]

A huge storm looming in the Middle East - the collapse ...

[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important] Middle East countries, employment and the wealth of oil stable, education, appropriated to the medical, political leaders got the people of political obedience in return. However, because of crude oil price reduction trend, the social contract of the past can no longer be sustained. If we do not implement meaningful reform leaders, in the Middle East countries, so that the unprecedented scale of social unrest occurs Poor most of the developing world of resource-rich countries,'s a non-democratic, do not have a decent governance structure. If there is wealth from the oil resources Nagarekome, or often to the conflict is induced, already been prolonged and that disputes occur, not that wealth to bring the resources are routed to constructive investment, resulting in poverty continues. Oil-producing country's government by the nationalization of oil resources now have the financial power, got the ever mighty power. Dictator and the royal family in the Middle East countries as well as supporters of the system by using the oil money, to form a huge patron network also cover potential dissidents.

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