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Hole of the energy security of tanker attack was confronted

[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important] Month, CC President, was appointed the new cabinet to be headed to Mustafar Mado Buri. Madoburi is, in the previous Ishmael Cabinet has served as a residential public facilities urban phase. Madoburi Cabinet consists of the entire cabinet, of which name has become new. It should be noted that, Ishmael former prime minister is the national strategy project in charge of presidential aide, Subuhi before Defense Minister of Defense in charge of presidential aide, Abdul Gallura foul before the interior minister was appointed to the security counter-terrorism charge of the President adviser. The newly appointed bold Prime Minister-cum-residential public facilities urban phase Mustafar Mado Buri Before housing public facilities urban phase Defense Minister and military industry phase Muhammad The key Before the Republican Guard commander, Lieutenant General Waqf phase Muhammad Muhu tar GUM A Electrical renewable energy phase Muhammad Shah Kill Social solidarity phase Gadawari Female Foreign