[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important]

The key page World Bank chief of the progress of the Middle East ...

[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important] The MENA countries, but is rich in mineral resources, there are many countries where economic development has been delayed. In the midst of the Middle East peace process to progress, economic development in the region has become a global issue. The World Bank Under these circumstances, the booklet [future in our hands - seek to prosperity in the Middle East North Africa (Japanese translation) # were published. In the Middle East Africa Regional Committee, had a meeting invited John page chief economist of the bank. The following is a speech summary of Mr. page. MENA region (MENA) is a region blessed with resources, so far that domestic interest has been poured into the political dispute than the economic development, resource income of the privileged class with a focus on oil such as by had been used to strengthen, economic development was not successful. Delay of human resource development that is required for country's development is also hampered industrial development. In this way the failure of economic policy resulted in social unrest in the region.

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