[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important]

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[Middle East risk resource diplomacy important] Middle East countries, oil developers have seen World largest number of reserves of the area of ​​the Middle East, production, and is a region that boasts the export volume, as the home of Middle East countries (or OPEC) is the oil industry, if not at once more, still of crude oil pricing and in each country I have a big say in oil policy. Is a Middle Eastern countries is a special area for those involved in oil development, cheap and huge amount of oil and still one of the land oil field untouched sleep are many, it has been regarded as a kind of sacred place. Petroleum development company of Japan in cooperation with the Government of Japan, by the energy diplomacy, which became public and private sectors together, Abu Dhabi business of INPEX, are Aritsui to oil interests in Iraq business of petroleum resources development (whether it is success whether or not is not the subject of this discussion).

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